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Elegant solutions

Solutions based on modern IT hardware optimizations bring transparency & usage simplicity

Increased security

Transparency and Clarity in provided solutions enable potential for more controlled & managed security

Reduce costs

And as a result, combination of higher HW utilization, security and simplicity mean reduced cost

Ideas and dedication


.virtua summarizes both spirit and technologies that make our vision come true. And what the vision is ? - Bring modern approach and ideas for hardware optimizations to you to achieve clever IT environment state in which you feel comfortable and productive

Our Team


Since the foundation of the company, we achieve to be the best in our own eyes, be honest with the customer and bring the solutions that satisfy not only the customer, but also us overall. Such goal is only achieved by having IT scene as hobby and keeping our young spirit. Nevertheless, people in our team are well experienced from several multinational projects and environments


The location

Štúrova 16, 94901 Nitra,


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